Small Price Increase (Team Stores ONLY):

Since the creation of Manatee in 2016, our base team store prices have remained unchanged. Whilst increasing our team store prices is not something that we have taken lightly, and has been the topic of many meetings over the last few months, unfortunately it is something that can no longer be delayed. 

Whilst with additional business improvements, such as our branded polybags or inner cover tape on products we don't feel the need to add any extra costs to the product price as these are choices we have made to improve our value and quality; other costs that have increased out of our control have simply meant our current team store sale price is no longer reasonable. In the past year alone due to COVID and other factors including general inflation, express shipping fees have increased on average by 25%. The average price of cardboard and other packaging materials has also risen by 30-65% due to increased ecommerce demand throughout the past year, and is expected to continue to rise. As changes in general consumer habits and worldwide events have pushed prices of services and supplies we rely on to rise, we will be raising team store prices to take into consideration these inflations, in order to continue to provide customers with a premium product and service. 

Despite these huge increases out of our control, we will not be raising our prices by these extremes - in most cases, you will see a change of a few extra euros. Furthermore, prices will be increased on only jerseys and flags on the team stores - this price increase will not be reflected on other products, or within bulk orders. 

To confirm, there will be NO price increases in relation to bulk orders - your bulk prices will remain the same. 

As always, if you require any further information or need an answer to a question, we're happy to hear from you! Contact us here.