Why do people buy at Manatee, and what makes them return?

Jun 12 2017


Let’s go back to basics so you can get to know us a little more - we’re an apparel company, founded in Belgium in September 2016, expanding quickly throughout Europe and into America. Whilst we focus primarily on custom jerseys for esports teams, we also produce custom mousepads, jackets, snapbacks, flags, you name it - we got it. We want to do anything and everything to keep our existing and new customers happy, and so far, we’re doing a pretty good job if we say so ourselves.


With any jersey company, there’s four main things that customers expect - reliable delivery, good pricing, approachable customer service and high quality jerseys. We don’t want to blow our own horn, but we honestly use some of the highest quality fabrics and inks around (for technicality, we use dry fit polyester with 155g thickness, in comparison to many companies using 90-120g.) This means that not only will your jerseys not be see-through, but they’ll also last an incredibly long time. Using particular special italic ink also ensures every print looks, and stays, perfect - wear after wear. We’re self confessed perfectionists here at Manatee, and that means everything we do we ensure is 100% correct, and will always strive to impress you.


We also offer competitive pricing - sure, you could game all weekend on a €10 kitchen chair, but you just know your ass is going to be better off on a 100€ gaming chair. The same goes for our jerseys - prices are on average roughly the same as other apparel companies, but with the bulk discount we offer once you’ve bought 3,4,5,6+ jerseys and the impressive quality, you’ll want to stick with us time and time again, through every roster change or size change, we’ve got your back.


Now onto reliable delivery. We know this is crucial, and we will strive to achieve your deadlines EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. We offer worldwide shipping in 3 days, and will design and produce your jerseys as quickly as possible, especially if you’ve let us know of your deadlines in advance. We never want to let anyone down, and with our consistently good customer service, you'll always be kept up to date during production.


If you’re the memeing sort of person - we’ve got some kickass members of the team to deliver great customer service that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. Chat with us anytime, we’re pretty damn cool.


Any questions, let us know.


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