We at are all about building close relationships with our clients to make sure they stay 100% happy with our service and products and with in general. We also try to help upcoming or established esports organisations and teams to keep growing and that is why we created the partnership program. This partnership program explains what benefits a partner has and how you can become one of our partners.

What are the benefits? partners can receive the following benefits:

  • discount on jersey orders
  • teamstore on our website (receive revenue from sold shirts)
  • social media exposure by
  • exclusive previews of new intel

There are more benefits to come as we grow with you.

How do you become one of our partners?

Due to the many partnership requests we receive every day, we have decided that we only partner up with teams and organisations that have at least already ordered once with us. This seems fair to us since they are existing clients and believe in the brand so they definitely should be rewarded for that. Besides that, social media presence, attending events and results also play a big part in the partnership program.

Once you have ordered with us, don’t hesitate to ask us about the partnership! We take all of our clients serious and will help you out as best as we can. For those that haven’t ordered yet, what are you waiting for?

Are Youtubers/Streamers/… eligible for a partnership?

YES THEY ARE! Send us a partnership request with your information in it, links to your social media and channels, attended events, daily views,… (all other information that can convince us!) to


on Instagram

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