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We at Manatee want to do more than just deliver your clothing! With your own teamstore, you can easily generate sales & get another source of income to support your teams, advertise and grow faster, together.
To start with, all teams who are interested in opening a teamstore need to have atleast one teamorder at Manatee in order to be eligible to have their own collection here at Manatee. This allows all your products to be shown off in one place. Perfect for you to link on your social media accounts and share to the world!
Upon reaching more than 10 sales/month, we can then upgrade this collection towards a fully equipped teamstore! This means you will receive your own web link (e.g which is awesome for creating further promotion and advertisements, and making your team that one step better.
Notes: We can only sell your products which are bought at least once by yourself. The first month after an order you'll receive as a trial period. To keep the Manatee site as qualitative as possible, we have to close collections which do not receive any sales. Stores can always be reopened after a new order or greater achievement. Don't be disheartened if this happens, we're always happy to keep working with you - we just can't be having empty collections!


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