If you’re looking to order multiple products for various members of your team or organisation, collecting a bulk order is the most efficient and cost effective way of doing so. When referring to a ‘bulk order,’ we typically mean an order of 5+ pieces delivered to 1 address - this can be a combination of different products, or a team order of jerseys. On average, our standard bulk order prices for products such as jerseys and hoodies are 25-35% cheaper than ordering products in single pieces.

Once you have your apparel designs completed (either by us or an external designer), we will provide you with a simple to complete order list - where you are able to provide names, sizes and product types for each member of your team - your entire order will then be shipped to one address. By ordering products together in a bulk order not only do you benefit from the great bulk discount prices, but it’s also easy to distribute your organisations products whilst together on an event and ensures each member of your team will be fully equipped and ready to go.

Esports Team with custom esports jerseys
Custom Gaming Sleeves - Esports Sleeves

Bulk discount rates are available on every product in our standard range, including but not limited to:

  • Jerseys
  • Hoodies & Jackets
  • Mousepads
  • Gaming Sleeves

Whilst our standard bulk prices are 25-35% cheaper than ordering single piece products, further bulk discount can also be applied depending on the total quantity ordered - if you’re looking to order a higher quantity of products (e.g. 50/100/200+), we are always happy to discuss the further possibilities.

Email us to discuss your bulk order needs - support@manatee.gg - or contact us here.