Laundry & Cleaning -

Manatee recommends to wash all clothing (jerseys, jackets, hoodies) in cold water (< °40 Celsius). Protect the products from sunlight while drying. Take no risks and do not bleach or dry clean to guarantee the best quality for the longest period of time. Follow the same process for other items such as flags and gaming sleeves. For polyester sublimated products the print will never crack due to the nature of the printing techniques used, however it is still important to take care of your products in the right way.  

For cotton products, we also recommend to wash all printed cotton products inside-out in cold water (< °40 Celsius). As the print technique for cotton products is different than that of sublimated products, it is important to take care of the print itself - we recommend to stay away from fabric softeners, tumble dryers, and do not iron the print directly. Note, the print on cotton products will start to naturally crack and fade over time (approx 45 washes under correct conditions) - however by taking care of the product, this can increase the overall lifespan. 

Mousepads - We recommend to place your mousepad in a clean large bowl or sink with a small amount of washing liquid or hand soap. Gently rub the mousepad or any particularly stained areas with a soft cloth or sponge. In general, we don't recommend to place the mousepads in the washing machine as this could affect the lifespan of the product. 

Care -

Do not use any sharp-edged lanyards/scissors/velcro/similar items that would come into contact with your product, and ensure care is taken with your product to eliminate the possibility of fluff forming. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by customer use and general wear over time.