If you’re looking for high-quality custom esports jerseys for you and your organisation, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a group of friends playing in local events, an upcoming esports team competing in tough competitions, or a brand / event organiser, we will help turn your apparel and merchandising dreams into a reality. 

Here at Manatee, we produce jerseys that are made to last. We always strive to achieve nothing less than perfection - so you can rest assured everything about our jerseys, right down to the polyester and inks used, will leave you feeling impressed and looking ready to win.

Custom Esports Jerseys SteelSeries Manatee
Custom Jerseys MSI Gaming Esports
Esports Team with custom esports jerseys and flags

Production and Shipping Information
- We aim to produce and ship all jersey orders between a 2-3 week period. As we ship using an express shipping service, you can expect to receive orders at the approximate 3 week mark after your payment stage is completed. We understand that occasionally you might attend a last-minute event and still need your apparel in time - in this case, please contact us to discuss the options for a rush order service.

Design - We offer a range of design services for apparel products, and our experienced designers will work with you to produce a custom design that you’re sure to be proud of. Whilst we also accept designs made by teams themselves or other designers, we do always recommend to ensure the designer has experience designing apparel for print to ensure accuracy and an expected result once printed.

Prices - Prices depend heavily on the quantity of jerseys or combination of other apparel items you’re looking to order, so it is best to contact us directly so we can provide you with a clear and accurate quote. However, our prices are competitive and represent the high-quality of the products and service given, and include both shipping and VAT costs where applicable. 

Sizes - Our jerseys are available in various cuts, including standard (unisex), female, and youth sizes. Please refer to our sizing chart if you’re unsure on what size to purchase, or contact us for further details. It is important to note that unfortunately apparel products cannot be refunded or replaced if they don’t fit you correctly, so please take the time to measure yourselves before purchasing if you’re unfamiliar with our sizing.

Sports / Events Jerseys - Whilst our target market for custom jerseys has been largely focused on the esports market, the style and cut of our jerseys is also suitable for a wide range of sports and events, including but not limited to - soccer, handball, korfball, squash, badminton, running..etc. Often with jerseys created for sports, the level of customisation available is somewhat limited compared to the full-design capabilities available at Manatee - therefore we are happy to discuss the various options available with both sports teams and events organisers alike. 

For further information regarding our custom jerseys we are always happy to hear from you with any questions you may have, or to provide your organisation with a unique quote. Email: support@manatee.gg - or contact us here.