How long does production and delivery take?

We aim to produce and ship all sublimated orders in approximately 2.5-3 weeks. This means you can expect to receive your sublimated apparel around the 3 week mark.

How long can we expect to wait during the designing stage?

The designing stage takes maximum a week - which means within a week you will receive a first draft. Usually, you will receive a first draft quicker than this, but in busy periods it can take the full week.

What are the main products that you offer?

Our main product catalogue features jerseys, hoodies (zipped and pullover), jackets, flags, sweatpants, mouspads and gaming sleeves.

You may have seen us produce other products such as tshirts, cotton products, and other merchandise such as sunglasses, cheering sticks, etc. Cotton products are available currently at a slightly higher minimum order quantity - please enquire for details if this is something your team is looking for.

Other merchandise is also available for brands and events who would be looking at ordering in high quantities.

Do we have to pay upfront for orders?

Yes. We cannot put anything into production that hasn’t been fully paid for. Your items are all made to order and fully custom, which means if for some reason you don’t pay, the items cannot be used for another team.

Do you release your printfiles to customers?

No. Printfiles remain the property of Manatee, and we will not release any of the illustrator files for these.

What is your refund policy?

With any custom products, we have no legal obligation to refund a product unless there is a fault on our end (e.g. faulty production, damage caused by us, etc.) This is due to the product being made to order for you, and this means that we would have no use for these items.

Do the prices include worldwide shipping?

Our bulk prices in most cases, include worldwide shipping - tracked and express. For teamstore or individual products, shipping is included to select countries. For other countries worldwide, a flat rate fee is charged.  

Do you offer partnerships?

We do offer partnerships with teams and organisations. The main way that we partner with teams is by offering a two way benefit for both us and the team. This means that whilst the team will usually receive a small discount on their order, we would expect to receive some exposure back in terms of logo placements on both jerseys/apparel and social media. Please contact us for further details.

How can we contact you?

The best way to contact us is either via social media (e.g. Twitter or Facebook) or via email - We aim to respond to all messages within less than 24 hours, and you’ll find we usually respond within a few hours.

Customs and import charges information -

You may be charged for handling fees and taxes once your item is processed at your destination country. Any charges on a parcel are the responsibility of the receiver, and Manatee have no control over what these charges are - this applies to countries outside the EU (including UK, Norway and Switzerland). If you are worried about what the charges may be, it may be a good idea to contact your local customs office before placing an order. Please ask us if you have any questions but be aware we cannot give exact details about how much may be charged. In the event of a rush order, a different clearance process may occur, meaning you may be liable for extra charges - again, please ask us prior to ordering.