Anything is possible! When it comes to producing apparel and merchandise we work exclusively with a number of specialised production facilities, allowing us to offer a huge (almost unlimited) range of products. To put it simply, whatever you’re looking for, we’re able to source the highest quality options at a competitive price. We'll work together to find a solution that suits the needs of your brand.

Some examples of merchandise not listed in our standard catalogue that we have produced:

  • Small custom gadgets used for marketing, events and branding purposes - sunglasses, mugs, cheering sticks, fans, webcam covers, sweat wristbands, bumbags, silicone wristbands, keyrings, phone popsockets, inflatable items..
  • Sublimated products (also with made-to-measure custom sizes) - Sim Racing seat covers, made-to-measure jerseys and gaming sleeves, fan supporter scarves, button-up jerseys including polo jerseys..
  • Products created with choice of materials - certain sports require different thickness or elasticity of polyester in regards to jerseys. Alongside our standard material, we also have access to a wide range of various gsm polyester - allowing us to find the perfect option for your org.
  • Promotional goods and packaging supplies - e.g. custom packaging tapes, flyers and business cards, roll-up banners, beach flags, car stickers..

    For further information regarding any product ideas, we are always happy to hear from you with any questions you may have or to provide your organisation with a unique quote. Email: - or contact us here.