Since the launch of our custom Gaming Sleeves back in 2020, the popularity of sleeves within esports has been continuously growing amongst gaming professionals, communities and teams - and for good reason! Gaming Sleeves are not only a great way to support your favourite team but have a ton of benefits that can improve your gameplay and overall enjoyment. 

Reduce Friction - 
One of the most highlighted benefits of using Gaming Sleeves is their ability to reduce friction against either your mousepad or desk, which can result in more accurate in-game precision. By reducing friction, it's possible that wearing a Gaming Sleeve can help create smoother and more consistent flicks, improving the aim of every shot you take. 

Moisture-Wicking Properties - 
Our Gaming Sleeves are created using a moisture-wicking material which allows for any excess moisture to be directed away from your skin and therefore will evaporate more quickly. What exactly does this mean? If you're someone who can get a bit sweaty or sticky during an intense gaming session, Gaming Sleeves will help to ease any distraction and friction that being sticky might cause. 

How do our Gaming Sleeves compare to others? - 
As the popularity of sleeves for use within the gaming industry increases, more options are now available to purchase than ever before. Whilst it's great to have a choice in regards to style, design and colour, unfortunately not all of these have been properly tested which can result in a poor fit; slippage; and distraction whilst gaming. 

At Manatee, our Gaming Sleeves have been strictly tested through hours of use in both casual and professional gaming environments. For example, whilst other sleeves might only feature a small bicep grip or nothing at all, by including a wider, high-quality silicone strip around the entire circumference of the bicep, our Gaming Sleeves are secure to prevent slippage. Our sleeves also feature a printed size label inside that is undetectable against the skin, ensuring there's no itchy label inside that could lead to distraction. 

Over the last 3 years, we have also worked in collaboration with top gaming professionals including FNCS and FNCS: Invitational Winners to continue to improve our Gaming Sleeves. As a result, we are confident in the accurate fit of the different size options available, and the level of stretch within the sleeves, ensuring they are usable by gamers of various sizes. 

Style and Branding - 
As with any of our custom products we understand the importance of creating and wearing apparel that matches the branding of your organisation. Our Gaming Sleeves are fully customisable with your own design; perfect for your own community members to wear at LAN, or for fans to show off their support for their favourite gaming team.  

Looking to get started with Gaming Sleeves or other custom products for your esports team? Contact us!