At Manatee, we pride ourselves on providing an unbeatable and honest service - that ultimately means customers return to us time after time. We know that you’re parting with your hard-earned money, and with that, you should expect an efficient service and 5* product in return.

But, how can you tell over the internet whether an apparel supplier is legit? Well, here’s a few things that we do to create transparency; ensuring our customers are satisfied when ordering their custom esports apparel. 

Production Examples:

If you scroll through our social media or website, you’ll see a wide range of different production examples. Not just from one or two organisations, but a whole range of different designs; products from custom jerseys to mousepads; and actual images or videos, dating back almost 8 years. If a supplier seems to only show 3D (photoshop) mockups rather than produced examples, you should consider doing further research into their background and level of print understanding. 

Product Knowledge & Queries:

Whether you contact us via email, discord, instagram, etc, you’ll speak to staff with years of experience and specific product knowledge. Any question you throw our way, we’ve got the answer right up our sleeve. If your questions are being left unanswered at another supplier, or the contact person seems to avoid answering basic questions, this should be a red flag. 

Honest Expectations and Clear Explanation: 

We're extremely transparent when it comes to discussing deadlines; delivery times and design possibilities. For example, if you've got an upcoming deadline we will never promise something that we know isn't achievable - however, we will work together to come up with the best possible solution on a case by case basis. Due to this level of honesty, we've never missed a promised deadline. We know, it sounds simple.. right? Well, we hear time and time again of suppliers promising a date, and months later clients are still waiting for their stuff. That's ridiculous to us.

With design possibilities, we'll provide feedback along the way to ensure your final product looks just as good as your initial mockup. Sewing lines; cutting zones; joining up seams;.. we'll ensure these things are taken into account to have the most perfected final result. In cases where customers provide their own designs on their own risk, we will still do our best to quality check these in advance to ensure the final outcome is as close as possible to intended - which, on occasion, means we might recommend slight tweaks to the concept. 

Clear Pricing Structure: 

In regards to the prices of our products, we offer a clear breakdown of the total costs and any of the bulk price discounts that would be available to you. Whilst our prices are very competitive for the industry, we won't fool you with 'too good to be true pricing.' What do we mean by this? Well, some other suppliers will tell you the raw material cost, without including or letting you know about additional extras like customisations, shipping costs, taxes, import duties, etc. This means that whilst you initially feel you're getting a super good deal - by the time your products have arrived with you, you can end up spending almost double in comparison to the initial quote. If a price looks 'too good to be true,' think about requesting what is included or excluded from the quote. At Manatee, in the majority of cases, the initial price given will be representative of the final cost and otherwise we will inform you. 

Whilst these are just a few of the things we do to provide an honest and trustworthy service, if you choose to work together with Manatee - you'll see exactly what we mean..

We look forward to working with you!