You don't always need fancy cameras to make awesome social media content with your apparel products. We're here to give some simple examples of how to make engaging content that your team, fans and partners will appreciate. 

#1. There's nothing more exciting than receiving your apparel order - now, let's show everyone that HYPE! Before you hand out the products to your team, take a photo of the products laid out together and if the members have social media, make sure to tag them. This not only lets everyone know their products have arrived but creates a stronger sense of community feeling and engagement within your organisation. 

Want to go one step further? Let one of your team create a short unboxing video and share it via Twitter, Instagram Reels / Stories, TikTok, etc.. 

#2. Have you attended a LAN or event wearing your custom apparel products? Let your followers see some candid shots of your members! Whilst everyone will be happy to see your results, it's even better to let people feel like they were there with you. Eating dinner at bootcamp with the team wearing your esports jerseys? Share it! People often want to see the faces behind the organisation

#3. Create a 'share your esports apparel photos' post for fans or team members to join in. If you've recently sent out apparel orders, make it fun and engaging for them to share their photos with the rest of the community via social media / discord channels. You could even offer a small prize for the most creative photo! 

#4. If you already need to make content for your other partnership agreements, be sure to involve your apparel products and showcase the partner / sponsor logo on the product. For example, if your player is advertising an energy drink company, make sure the player is also wearing their team apparel to ensure a professional outcome. 

We hope these quick tips will help you make the most out of your apparel when it comes to creating content for social media! As always, be sure to tag us in any photos or videos of your custom esports products.