Wondering what the benefits are of purchasing a design service directly through Manatee? We've put together a list of reasons that having your custom apparel designs created by us makes the process of custom apparel as easy as possible. 

  • Easy Order Process 
  • Print Design Experience 
  • Product Knowledge
  • Quick Service
  • Revisions Included
  • Competitive Pricing

Easy Order Process:
By choosing to have your design created at Manatee, you already have a one-on-one contact person who can guide you through the entire process from design to ordering your final products - no need to have multiple conversations with various people. 

Print Design Experience:
With over 6 years in design experience, focused on sublimation print design, our designers have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure your design and final product will be as expected with no nasty surprises.  

Product Knowledge:
As well as the necessary design experience, we are also able to guide you through each product and recommend design aspects that will fit each product in an aesthetically pleasing way.  For example, we can recommend the best logo positions for visibility on different products; tell you which body-to-sleeve transitions to avoid for the cleanest possible look; and ensure text is big enough to be clearly printable on certain locations. 

Quick Service: 
When purchasing a design service from Manatee, we strive to ensure a first draft is always sent to you within 7 days - although this is usually even quicker.

Do you have a deadline for your event but still need a design? If you need custom jerseys or other apparel products for your upcoming event, we'll work to prioritise the design creation in order to achieve your deadline. 

Revisions Included:
We always appreciate being given accurate inspiration and feedback from the beginning so we can ensure we’re heading in the right direction with your design. However, as we want your team to be proud to show off their apparel, we will continue to work on your design based on the clear feedback we receive, until confirmation is received. 

Competitive Pricing:
Based on our experience, knowledge and service, our design services are very fairly priced in line with the current industry options. On occasions where organisations choose to use an external designer, it is relatively common that we're not provided with all the required files to successfully print your design and this can result in extra charges. As all of our design services already include the creation of the printfile to be used at Manatee, there are no extra design costs to incur. 

Looking to get started? Head to our custom design page or contact us today!