Whilst every individual is looking for various things from their apparel supplier, we're confident that with our experience and understanding, we'll ensure your journey with custom apparel is smooth and enjoyable. In this blog, you'll find the main reasons why working with Manatee is a great choice for your organisation!

Production and Delivery Times - 

Let's get straight to the point. From the moment your payment is received to the moment you have your order in your hands - we aim for all orders to be delivered within 3 weeks. When we say that, we mean it. Since the creation of our business almost 7 years ago, we've worked strictly to stick to this timeframe. What's even better? On average for the past 2 years, customers have only had to wait 11 work days to receive custom apparel orders from us. 

All orders are also shipped using a tracked express service, ensuring your precious goods are received safely with no additional worries. 

Customer Support - 

We put every effort into replying as quickly as possible to all customers, partners, and potential customers. Usually, this means we reply scarily fast (really, within a matter of minutes - as long as we're awake). No matter what sort of query you have, our dedicated staff will respond with a first-class and memorable service - there's no waiting for days or even weeks for a response here. 

Quality and Eye for Details -

Quality. Comfort. Details. We understand it's difficult to compare the quality of different products from various suppliers without spending a bunch of money on testing each one, and that's just not reasonable to expect. However, over the years we've ensured each of our products have been tested and perfected to the maximum, working in collaboration with organisations worldwide, to guarantee our products are at the top of the market when it comes to durability, print quality and comfort.

Take our custom esports jerseys as an example. We've taken the time and expertise to adapt this product to meet the needs of the industry: accurate sizing (and a wide size range - including female and youth sizes); limited stitching to ensure a neat finish; no itchy labels; mesh polyester for ultimate breathability; the list goes on.. 

Extra benefits of choosing Manatee as your apparel supplier - 

  • All orders delivered within approximately 3 weeks.
  • Customisations at no extra cost! Gamertags, nationality flags, different logos, it's all possible. 
  • Design time and revisions. Within 7 days, you will receive a first draft from your design order - after that, you're able to give any feedback as necessary for us to make revisions, included in the design fee. 
  • Option for team store after first order. 
  • Multiple collar options.
  • Different communication options. Discord, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Email? Whatever platform you prefer, just let us know.
  • Great bulk order discounts. 
  • No import fees within the EU. 
  • Tracked express worldwide shipping.