To our partners, customers, friends and supporters. 

As another successful year of business passes, we are ever-grateful for the growing community around us and for the ongoing support that Manatee continuously receives.

We've been extremely happy in 2022 to see the return of both local LANs and international events, and to have had the chance once again to catch up with partners & customers face-to-face - let's do more of that in 2023! 

* Projects & Products - During 2022 we’ve continued to work together with great organisations and brands, as well as had the opportunity to work together with new partners. Whether you’re a group of friends looking for custom esports jerseys, a professional team requiring gaming sleeves, or a corporate organisation looking for a wider merchandise range (think sunglasses, keychains, popsockets).., we’re always excited to get started on new projects and use our expertise to guide your brand merchandise in the right direction! 

* New Business Details - As we've continued to grow as a company, we've taken the decision for 2023 to change our business form to enable our growth to continue in an efficient way for us. For our customers, very little changes and the step will not really be noticeable (other than mundane admin things such as bank details and tax numbers). We're still the exact same team, the same contact people, and the same mindset - but for us, this is a step to ensure Manatee will be able to continue to grow and provide the same great service and products, for years to come. 

 * Eco-Consciousness - Whilst continuing to pack jerseys in our reusable + resealable bags as well as reusing cardboard boxes to deliver products, we’ve also been incorporating other sustainable and eco-conscious methods into our daily business practices. This year we’ve made an effort to work together with local and international delivery couriers that offer solutions to minimise carbon emissions whilst using greener forms of energy. Furthermore, in our own office, we are also generating a large majority of our electricity using renewable, solar energy. Moving forward we will be looking into further achievable ways to incorporate sustainability and renewable efforts into our business. 

As we enter 2023, we will continue to provide an unbeatable service; produce and deliver tested-and-perfected products within a speedy turnaround time, and we hope to extend our partnerships and reach further than ever! Once again, we are extremely appreciative of the ongoing support, and we look forward to working with returning teams and new organisations in the new year.