To our partners, customers, friends and supporters. 

Whilst 2021 has shown the world yet another year of uncertainty, event disruptions / cancellations and overall hardships, we are again grateful for the community around us and the ongoing support we have continued to receive.

Despite being unable to organise the fifth year of business celebrations that we would have hoped for (let's make our sixth year even crazier) - we've still achieved growth within Manatee this year - and have hosted a variety of online giveaways, strengthened our relation with partners & as always, focused on improving certain aspects of our brand and business. 

* NEW Sweatpants - Every year, we work behind the scenes to develop or tweak products to ensure we're offering the leading and most suitable range to our customers. During 2021, we've been hinting that we've developed a brand new full-design possibility product, and we're happy that our polyester sweatpants are now available! These sweatpants are super comfortable, smooth-touch, feature zipped pockets, and you're able to match the design on your pants to the rest of your existing apparel collection. 

* Updated Website - Earlier this year, we completed the total redesign of our website. With this, we've added a bunch of helpful information within additional pages of the site and focused on ensuring the website is clear, easy to use, and super mobile-friendly. 

* Eco-Friendly Improvements - As a business we are always looking to improve our environmental impact, and the introduction of our reusable, resealable jersey bags have not only received awesome feedback, but they're less wasteful than the previous single-use polybags. On top of this, our existing customers will notice we are fans of reusing packaging boxes where possible - it might not be the prettiest way of packaging our products, but it's a simple step we take to ensure we are as eco-friendly as possible. For 2022, we are also working on looking into ways to incorporate further recycling and sustainability to our wider brand. 

As we enter into 2022, we will continue to provide an unbeatable service; produce and deliver tested-and-perfected products within a speedy turnaround time; and we hope to see an increase in event possibilities to catch up with you all soon! Once again, we are extremely appreciative of the ongoing support, and we look forward to working with more teams and organisations in the new year.