We've been busy working behind the scenes on multiple new product releases, and today we're happy to add Gaming Sleeves to our growing product range!

As with all of our sublimated products, these sleeves are fully customisable with your own unique design, and it is even possible for you to add a unique gamertag on the sleeves if requested. 

Our sleeves will be sold in sets (a pair including both a Left and Right arm). This means that when ordering, there is no need to tell us which arm you'd like to order for. However, on the designing stage, if you prefer to have a text on one sleeve, and a logo on the other, we will let you know which arm each should ideally be worn on. Saying this, both sleeves can be worn on either arm. 

The minimum order quantity for sleeves is 5 sets. If a lower quantity is required, this is possible together with other sublimated products within a bulk order. 

Our sleeves are made from Lycra, with strips of silicone rubber inside to prevent any slippage. 

What is the purpose of a sleeve? 
- Sleeves are used to reduce forearm friction against either your desk or mousepad, which can result in more accurate in-game precision
- The moisture-wicking material allows for any excess moisture to be directed away from your skin, and therefore will evaporate quicker. 
- Increased comfort through gaming or sports sessions. 
- An easy and convenient way to represent your team or organisation. 

When ordering 5+ sets to one address, the price for sleeves is 22.50€ per set. 

Sizing: In general, we would recommend ordering the same size sleeve as you would in our jerseys. Due to the nature of the product and the importance of the sleeve to be relatively tight against your arm, we do not recommend to size up if this is something you would usually prefer regarding jerseys. Furthermore, as the sleeve is designed to cover from your wrist up to your bicep, the size needed can depend on your arm muscle mass. 

As always, we are happy to guide you through the sizing and let you know our recommendation. If you require a custom size based on your supplied measurements, this can also be arranged. 

Custom Design Order