Custom Mousepads - Product Information

Are you looking for the perfect product to complete your setup and show off your teams branding whilst at home or LAN? Our high quality custom mousepads are the perfect product for you and your team.

Our mousepads are available in a range of size options, depending on your needs and desk setups. In order to ensure a perfectly finished edge, we often recommend to opt for embroidered edges, although it’s possible to order both with or without embroidered edges where requested.

Whilst we can offer a huge range of custom sizes, we do have some popular size options that we recommend - 320x270mm, 450x400mm and 900x400mm. For the thickness of the mousepads, we would usually recommend a thickness of 3mm. Saying this, if your team have a preference for either size or thickness of mousepads, we are always available to be contacted for a unique size quote!

If you’d like for us to create a mousepad design for your team or brand this is possible here, or as part of one of our other bundle design packages if you’re interested in more than one of our available products. 

If you would prefer to create a design yourself, we recommend to design this with a full .ai vector format, in the size/ratio that would be appropriate for the mousepads you’re looking to order. 

Pricing & MOQ:
For mousepads, we do have a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces with delivery to 1 address. Regarding pricing, this depends on the quantity and size of the mousepads you’d be looking to order and therefore it’s always best to contact us for a quote - for example, the price does reduce depending on the quantity you’d be looking for, and does decrease considerably starting from 50+ pieces. 

Whether you’re looking for mousepads for your team, school, event or brand, we’re always happy to hear from you!