Improved Sizing and Product Updates

Over the last few months, our team have been thoroughly testing and developing a new specialised Manatee jersey sizing, as well as a new hoodie cut and jacket improvements, that we feel will provide our customers with more professional, streamlined and fitting options.

Jerseys -
We’ve now developed a unique ‘Manatee’ cut for jerseys that we feel is the perfect fit for both casual and professional wear. The new and improved cut is comparable to a slim fit jersey, and we find that both the body and arms provide a more streamlined fit than our usual jersey cut, which is great for not only comfort but also to look even more amazing in all the photos you guys share with us. 

We recommend as always to take your casual t-shirt size when ordering jerseys - however, if you prefer a looser fit, you are welcome to take a size up. 

Customers who have already ordered with us previously will have the choice on their next order to change to the new Manatee cut or stay with their current cut. If you do choose to switch over to the new cut, we still recommend taking the same size jersey as previously. 

Pullover Esports Hoodies -
After listening to the feedback received from our valued customers over the last few months, we have made improvements to the cut of the hoodies - specifically regarding the sleeve length. Whilst the overall quality and feel of the hoodie remains just as awesome as previously, we have reduced the length of the sleeves to accommodate more customers. 

If you have already purchased a hoodie from us previously, when you reorder in the future you will receive the choice whether to use our new improved cut or keep your current cut - just let us know. 

Esports Jackets -

Over the course of 2018, we have already been steadily rolling out a new jacket option, which features the same sleeve cuffs that can be found on hoodies. Previously, old jackets did not have a full sleeve cuff, but many customers felt this would be a great improvement to an already sweet product, so we have listened to you guys.

If you ordered a jacket from us recently, you will already find the updated sleeve cuffs on your jacket. However, if your team ordered jackets a fair few months ago, you may find that your jacket does not have a full sleeve cuff. In the future, all NEW orders will feature the new and improved jacket cuffs, and again, all existing customers will have the chance to switch over on their next order. 

Note - If you are a current customer with our previous sizings on any products, we will change the printfile sizings for you free of charge on your next order.

At Manatee we are continuously working behind the scenes to bring you product improvements and an unbeatable service. We know it is so important to listen to the feedback from you guys, and we hope that these new implementations will be received warmly.