Meet the Mana-team (Meet the Team)

Do you ever wonder who the pretty faces behind Manatee are? Now is your chance to really get to know the people behind the cutie Manatee logo, and understand why they are so passionate about providing a great experience for you as a customer.

Christiaan - CEO, Sales, Production & Design.

Starting out in the Benelux esports scene, it quickly became apparent to Christiaan that many teams were incredibly unhappy with their current apparel suppliers for a number of reasons (which we are sure you’ve heard time and time again from other suppliers - misprinted colours, deadlines being missed, poor communication etc.)

This is where the entire vision for Manatee started. As with any company, it was important to start slow and steady, providing apparel for only a handful of Benelux teams throughout 2016. However, as word spread, it was only a matter of time before the Manatee dream expanded, and demand from teams grew - just look at where we are today!

With Christiaan’s experience in sales, you are sure to receive friendly and helpful support whenever you need it, and with his keen eye for design, you’re sure to love whatever he works alongside you to create.

Katie - Sales, Social Media & Design.

If you’ve ever messaged the Manatee Twitter or Facebook accounts, it’s likely the person who has helped you out with your query is Katie, and we sincerely hope that you guys appreciate the speedy and personal responses that she aims to give each and every one of you.

Whilst previously working as a Graphic Designer & (occasional) Event Photographer for Ninjas in Pyjamas from 2015 to 2017, Katie not only realised her immense passion for esports, but also picked up further knowledge of marketing and design along the way. Alongside her background in Sales and Visual Marketing, these experiences have really allowed her to add something awesome to the Front-End of Manatee.

Ruben - Printfile Designer.

When we’re in need of a printfile to be made accurately and quickly, we know that Ruben is our guy. With his reliability and trustworthiness, we know that we can call him any time of day or night to produce printfiles that may need to be made for rush orders or otherwise. It is absolutely crucial that your jerseys look just as you expected them to from the 3D mockup, so Ruben takes the care needed to ensure all lines, shapes, patterns and colours are just as you would like.

In his spare time, Ruben also helps out on the logistics side of things, ensuring that all packages have been swiftly and correctly delivered, and packaging up anything else that needs to be shipped out.

Did you know?

We have all been working together at Manatee for over a year, and are still just as passionate about providing an awesome service to you guys as the day that we started. We’re extremely happy to be able to work for Manatee on a full-time basis, and we thank each one of our customers for trusting us daily and allowing us to provide you with the quality and service that you deserve from an apparel company.