Manatee 2017

To our customers, followers, and friends,

The year 2017 has been an incredible first full year of business for Manatee, and it would not have been possible without every single one of you, so we give you all our biggest thanks! We conclude this year producing and designing apparel for an insane number of esports teams, while also supplying merchandise to brands, including SteelSeries - which we are incredibly proud of, and thank all of you for your endless support.

Throughout the year, we have been working every single day to achieve our goals and ensure each customer is incredibly happy and will stay as our partner for a long time. We have been consistently receiving awesome reviews, whether that be regarding the quality of our apparel, turnaround times, customer service or our general professionalism, which we endeavour to build on further in 2018.

On a more technical level, earlier in the year, we completed our factory change! This means not only are our turnaround times even quicker than before (including shipping to the USA) but also our quality, sizing and general production methods and checks are significantly improved.

We have also picked up some incredible staff throughout 2017, which means that you would have no doubt seen an impressive change in the level of designs and social media improvements, as well as more backend improvements regarding production.

We are extremely determined to continue to reach new goals, push new limits and consistently grow throughout 2018, and we hope that each of you will continue to show the great support you have done throughout 2017.