Why Manatee is the right choice for you!

With any apparel company, there’s really only four main things that customers expect and look for when choosing their long-term supplier - reliable and fast delivery, approachable and responsive customer service, incredible quality jerseys, and competitive pricing. Of course we understand that each individual team and person is different and expects varying things from their supplier, so we will always take the time to speak with you and find out exactly how we can help. We don’t want to blow our own horn too much, but we are confident that any of our customers will tell you that our response times are impressive, and we will always do our best to come to a resolution that is fair and helpful for the both of us.

Delivery (and production times) -

If you’ve ever bought anything from another country without tracked shipping, you’ll know that it’s basically a terrifying waiting game, involving weeks of sitting next to the front door hoping that your products haven’t got lost in the post. That doesn’t happen here at Manatee. We ship all sublimated orders using DHL Express, meaning that not only is everything tracked, but it only takes 2-3 days MAXIMUM worldwide. And yes, that is worldwide. We don’t just miss out some countries.

Now onto production time. We always aim for production to take a maximum of 3 weeks - this includes us preparing your print files, quality checking and sampling the colours and patterns on your design, and finalising your apparel so it’s ready to ship out to you. Teamstore orders, three weeks. Bulk orders with no deadline, 3 weeks.
“But wait? What happens if I have a short deadline?” This is no problem, just let us know and we’ll do what we can to help. Whilst obviously it is less stressful for everyone if it is possible to order 3-4 weeks up front before an event, we know that last minute roster changes and events happen. We’ve been known (on a fairly regular occasion) to produce a totally fresh design, including print files, production and shipping in 7-9 days. Crazy, huh? We know. But please, as much as we love to be tested, let’s keep those rush orders to a minimum if it can be helped.

Customer Service -
Nobody wants to send a message to a company and sit refreshing their emails or DMs for the next 3 days just to receive an answer. Our job is to sell to you. WE WANT YOU, and we will put every effort into replying as quickly as possible. Usually, this means we reply scarily fast (like, we really mean the same minute fast.) Our dedicated and fully trained customer service staff will do everything they can to give you a first class and memorable service. We want to get to know you, and we love taking time to speak to you on a personal level too. Feel free to message us any time of day, with any questions you may have, and we will get right back to you.

Quality -
The big one. Quality. We know our products are awesome. Sure, it’s difficult to show you over the internet why our jerseys feel and look insane in real life, but from the photos we display on social media and from the reviews from other customers, believe us, it’s crazy good. Whilst we could go into technical detail about the gms and ink used and why this makes our products one of the best on the market (and please ask us if you would like to know), at the end of the day, the softness, durability and print quality of our products is what makes them really stand out.

Our minimum order quantity of 1 piece on sublimated apparel products even means we can produce you a sample piece, just ask us.

Pricing -
Pricing.. Here’s the thing. Our pricing is competitive, but it also understandably reflects our insane service, quality and the care we put into everything we do. We know how frustrating it is to get trapped with a ‘cheap’ looking price, only to find out when you go to the checkout that shipping is another €20, VAT isn’t included and you even have to pay for your own gamertag on the back. Not at Manatee. The price you see, is the price you pay. Sure, from the offset we might look a little more expensive, but in reality our prices are average amongst competitors, and with the quality and service you receive from us, it is probably (definitely) worth the extra euro.

Extra benefits of Manatee (..or TLDR) -

  • No contracts. We don’t feel the need to make customers sign a contract because we have the ultimate faith in our products and service - if you’re a happy customer, you’ll stay with us in a happy relationship for the foreseeable future.
  • Design time. Our designs take no longer than a week maximum. However, usually we will get back to you with a first draft in no longer than 3-4 days.
  • Customisable options - at no extra cost!
    If you follow us on social media already, you probably know all about the added customisable extras we offer. But really, they’re incredibly cool.

    Want to show off your logo in multiple ways? No problem. With our custom hood imprints and custom jacket pocket imprints you can display awesome tiny versions of your logo on your hoodies and jackets - all for no extra cost.

    Do you have multiple teams, for example Team Red and Team Yellow, and want the same design but in multiple colours? No problem, just let us know the colour codes and we’ll create you multiple print files. Again - this is a free addition.
  • Multiple collar options.
  • Multiple communication options. Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, skype, discord, email? Whatever platform you prefer, just let us know and we’ll chat there.
  • Great bulk order discounts.
  • Free tracked worldwide shipping.