In September 2016, we here at Manatee.GG officially started producing jerseys for gaming teams in the Benelux, and the journey from there has continued to excite us and grow to levels we’re incredibly proud of - as we now supply teams and brands throughout the entire world!  

Of course, as we have developed as an upcoming apparel supplier we’ve had many things to learn along the way, and have worked with a great team of people, as well as supportive customers, to help us achieve exactly what we want and to become an apparel supplier you can rely on. We want to thank each and every one of you who has supported us in some way over the last 2 years by purchasing products, recommending people to us, interacting with our social media posts, and even stopping by to have a conversation with us on events.

Our aim, as a brand, has always been to not only provide high quality products and a reliable service but also to be human - and understand what you guys as customers want to see from us. Perhaps sometimes we seem to run our social media more like a community page rather than an esports apparel page (we absolutely live for your memes and the #ManateeFam), but we just love for you to see the people behind the Manatee logo occasionally, and to become not only your apparel supplier, but also your friend. We’ve now met so many incredible friends through this business, we think we’re doing a pretty good job at sticking to that. And seriously, there’s nothing more heartwarming than attending an event such as ESL One Cologne 2018 and meeting so many of our customers representing their team and having an awesome time, together. We don’t want to just be like any other apparel company, we want to create a community who support each other, and oh, you guys are so awesome for supporting us with that goal.

As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve also been updating and perfecting our products to make sure you’re receiving a product that we know we can stand behind. A few months ago we created our own ‘Manatee cut’ jersey which was specially developed by our team to provide you with a better fit, to ensure you look your best and play your best. We’ve also updated our sleeves to feature separate sleeve cuffs, which gives an overall polished and clean finish to the jersey. https://www.manatee.gg/blogs/news/improved-sizing-and-product-updates Furthermore, we’ve added additional products to our catalogue over the last 6 months such as snapbacks, mousepads, flags and also a wide selection of merchandise to ensure we have something to suit everyone - from community teams, to global brands. We’re also currently working on a few more updates regarding products that we expect to release going into 2019!

Oh, and the addition of Manatee stickers into each apparel order seems to be a great hit with our customers, and it makes us so happy to see our cutie Manatee stickers everywhere. 💖

We have incredibly high hopes for the future and with a great and reliable team behind us, as well as with awesome customers by our side, we are sure that more great things will be seen from Manatee. Most importantly, thank you for making all our hard work over the last 2 years worth it, and here’s to a brilliant future!