Product Updates 2.0 - Pullover Hoodies

As you will know by now, here at Manatee we want to supply our customers with a great product that not only we believe in, but one that will put a smile on your face time and time again. This means that we take every piece of positive feedback or constructive criticism to heart, and will listen to each of you to ensure we are continuously developing and improving our products to suit as many people as possible. Saying this, we have some changes incoming regarding our hoodie selection - so keep reading to find out what is happening, and why.

Esports Pullover Hoodies -
Whilst we are still currently happy to supply these hoodies to current customers with an existing design/previous order (as they are still comfortable to wear and many teams enjoy them), we will be redesigning this product over the upcoming months and expect a release in early 2019 regarding a remodelled fit and style, in order to suit our customers shape and needs in an improved way.  

What does this mean for new customers?
Currently, we are working on updating all design bundles that feature an Esports Pullover Hoodie to now feature a Zipped Hoodie instead. We have been receiving continuously positive feedback on the material, fit and vibrancy of our Zipped Hoodies, and therefore at this current stage, we feel that this product provides our customers with a better product for their money. We also know that the Zipped Hoodies (along with Player Jackets) also allow you to show off your Manatee jerseys underneath when unzipped, which of course can only be a positive!

Can I still purchase a design bundle with an Esports Pullover Hoodie?
Whilst all designs bundles (and individual hoodie designs) will now come with a Zipped Hoodie instead, we are still able to offer Esports Pullover Hoodies if you contact us directly. However, whilst we are redeveloping this product, we would strongly advise to opt for the Zipped Hoodie instead.

What does this mean for customers with an existing Esports Pullover Hoodie design?
If you have ordered a design bundle or individual hoodie design, we are happy to change this into an (almost) identical Zipped Hoodie design free of charge. The main differences between the designs will be that we would not recommend a large chest logo on a Zipped Hoodie as this will be cut off by the zippers, and any existing side details may need to be slightly altered around the pocket zipper placement too. However, the rest of the main design can remain almost identical - but of course we can discuss each case on a personal level if you would like to contact us regarding this.

We are happy to keep you guys updated about the process of us redeveloping the Esports Pullover Hoodie throughout the next couple of months. However, it is something that we want to ensure we are 310% happy with when we do re-release the product, and therefore we will be thoroughly testing and retesting before the final launch, and we kindly appreciate your patience with this. We do still have a great range of other products available, and we are happy to speak to each of you if you have any queries about the changes being made. We also want to thank those of you who provide us with honest feedback so we can continue to adapt and develop our products in a way that benefits each and every one of you, as well as the future of Manatee.