To all our customers, friends and partners. In our second full year of business, we have accomplished things that we could only previously dream of, and we sincerely thank all of you for allowing our business to grow and expand. We conclude this year on an immense high - having secured great partnerships throughout the year; produced apparel for a number of brands, event collaborations, and teams; left customers with a smile on their face; and worked hard to redevelop existing products.

Adding on from last years blog post, we have again been receiving great reviews and compliments regarding our customer service and professionalism - which is thanks to our solid group of staff, who have now been working together for coming up to 2 years. We find it extremely beneficial to work with only a small group of real-life friends, as we are all equally passionate about the growth of our brand, and therefore will do what is needed to ensure the best outcome for Manatee.

On the technical side, we have been continuously listening to feedback throughout the year and have developed and readjusted existing products to ensure they are the best that we can offer - some of which you will see very soon! Furthermore, we have expanded our product range this year to include high-quality custom mousepads, snapbacks and flags, which have proved themselves to be incredibly popular. We have also been working alongside multiple brands and events to produce various merchandise opportunities including sunglasses and bags - which has definitely been a fun experience. We are very happy to offer a range of products that have been continuously tested and sampled by us, and that we are incredibly proud of.

As always, we will ensure we continue to set the bar extremely high regarding our service and quality and are determined to push new limits going into 2019.

We thank all of you for your support throughout 2018, and we wish each of you a very Happy New Year!