Ever found yourself wondering why custom esports apparel would benefit your organisation, or looking for some additional information? We've put together a few key reasons why apparel can create a strong advantage for your brand. 

Brand Identity & Player Unity: 

Whilst the majority of organisations create valuable brand assets such as a team name, recognisable logo and online social media images such as banners and scoreboards - it's also crucial to focus on your offline presence and player unity. By creating and wearing unified team apparel, players not only get to feel a sense of pride when representing their organisation, but they also stand out to general members of the public or other event attendees - giving your organisation well-deserved exposure and potential future leads in terms of sponsorship and growth opportunities. 

Endless Customisation Options: 

With any sublimated apparel pieces, the option to add unique customisations for players at no extra cost such as gamertags, real names and nationality flags is a great bonus feature. With this, the options are almost endless - for example, players with dual nationality can add two flags as necessary. Do you have some players that prefer not to show their real name even if you placed a real name on your initial design? No problem, we're happy to adapt customisation options. 

In regards to jerseys, it's also possible for players to choose which collar neckline type they prefer and this can be mixed within the same bulk order. O-Neck, V-Neck, Crossed-V, Multi-Coloured? Go for it! Although we generally recommend to stick with just one or two collar types to keep your brand identity clear, different options are always available.

Comfort, Style & Performance: 

You're in the heat of the moment, about to win the tournament you've prepared for, knowing photos of you will be posted across social media channels.. but, you're feeling a little sweaty and uncomfortable. No one wants that. Thankfully, both our Esports Jerseys and Gaming Sleeves are made from a moisture-wicking material which allows for any excess moisture to be directed away from your skin; evaporating quicker. Our jerseys are also made from a lightweight, breathable material which will therefore not stick to your skin or distract you whilst you need to remain at the top of your game. 

Durability & Long-Lasting Print: 

Due to the nature of sublimated print on products such as Jerseys, Esports Hoodies & Jackets, Gaming Sleeves and Flags, the ink becomes part of the individual fibers of the material rather than simply sitting on top of the fabric. In short, this means that the print will never crack, fade or peel off - therefore ensuring the print is extremely long-lasting. We also take care when creating your apparel to guarantee your product will not become ink-saturated, which if not understood properly due to lack of print experience, can create a strong smell on your product. 

Another benefit of creating custom sublimated apparel is that multiple sponsor logos or customisations are possible without increasing or additional costs. Unlike with cotton print techniques, as the ink on sublimated apparel is settled into the material, there is no need to charge additional costs per print. This means that products such as Esports Jerseys are particularly cost-effective for organisations or teams who may have slightly more logos or customisations to place on their designs.

Looking to get started with apparel or have any further questions? Contact us to discuss the best options for your brand!