At Manatee, we're always working behind the scenes to not only perfect our existing products, but also to bring out BRAND NEW products that allow you to represent your organisation comfortably and stylishly. Saying this, we're excited to finally announce the addition of customised beanies to our product range, just in time for winter! 

Whether you're preparing for those long, cold journeys to school or work; or hate how cold your local LAN hall can be during the winter months, we're here to discuss beanie product options with your team!

You might be thinking, huh? How customisable can a beanie be? Well, here's just some of the options available... 

* Text, woven directly into the material of the beanie. 
* Embroidered logos. 
* Woven embroidery patches.
* Woven labels with your branding. 
* Leather patches.

Of course, each customisable option comes with its own price range and min. order quantity, so it's important to discuss your ideas with us so that we can direct  you and your organisation towards the best option. For beanie options with simpler levels of customisation, the MOQ will begin at 10 pieces.