If you've been thinking about ordering custom mousepads for you and your organisation for a while, take this as a sign. You may have noticed, we don't just throw around discounts for no reason. So, take this seriously. We're not trying to be overdramatic, but this is *extremely likely* to be the biggest discount we will EVER have on custom mousepads!

We are offering a massive 25% off on 10 to 30 piece mousepad orders placed between Friday 29th November and Monday 2nd December 2019. 

But, what about if you don't yet have a mousepad design ready? Well, don't worry, we've got you covered with an even bigger 50% off exclusively on mousepad designs ordered this weekend. 

For any questions or to place either a mousepad design or mousepad order, please contact us directly at or through your chosen communication platform. 

NOTE: Discount valid on mousepad order quantities between 10 to 30 pieces only. For higher quantities, you will receive the 25% discount on the first 30 mousepads only.