We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to determine how bold the background pattern should be on your jerseys or to pick which shade of blue will match with your current branding in the most appealing way. That is why particularly before a large bulk order, it can be reassuring to know that here at Manatee, it is possible for us to test print your design before bulk production if necessary, to ensure your final products perfectly complement your current branding.

Alternatively, if you prefer to see the design up close, and feel the materials used, it is always possible to purchase a sample piece of any of our sublimated products to be delivered to your address, (jerseys, hoodies, jackets or flags), to confirm you’re happy with the product before committing to a bulk production.

With both of these options, we do ask for you to allow time for the sampling to take place and for any necessary changes to be made, in case you have a deadline to reach for your final bulk order. As always, we are more than happy to discuss with you the most efficient and worthwhile options for your team, so do not hesitate to contact us.