Our Manatee is wearing a new jersey for 2019! As we have been further developing our own merchandise line, and printing a wider range of products on various materials, we decided it was necessary to make some minor changes to our own logo.

Although our logo doesn't seem incredibly complicated at first glance, it was previously made up of 9 different colours or shades, with some very small details on the jersey and face. Whilst this might have looked great on the screen, some of the details were getting lost once printed, and we wanted to simplify our Cutie Manatee to achieve a better print outcome (as that is what our entire business revolves around!) 

Whilst it may take a little bit of getting used to, and some people may initially think that this logo variant seems a lot simpler than our previous logo - that is kind of the point! We have now reduced the colours in the logo from 9 to 4, and have updated the jersey design to feature some simple shoulder stripes - which will be much more effective once printed. 

We hope you like his new style. :)