As some of you may know, at the very end of August we began work to redesign our pullover hoodies to suit your shape and needs in an improved way, having received some crucial feedback regarding length, fit, etc. Finally, the day has come for us to announce our redeveloped pullover hoodie!

We initially began work on adapting the existing pullover hoodie, however, as things developed and we began sampling products, we decided to completely change the style, material, and fit of the pullover hoodie. Whilst it has taken months of testing (and some stress) to develop a product we believe in, we are now happy to release the new product to our customers.

Listed below are some of the MAJOR changes that have been made: 

  • Cut - 
Our previous pullover hoodie was a set in sleeve cut, which means that the seam began at the shoulder, and down towards the armhole. NOW, we have completely changed the cut, so our pullover hoodie is now a Raglan style, which we feel suits the type of designs we create a lot better (if you’re not sure what this looks like, it actually matches our 3D hoodie mockup!) For example, for designs that require a seamless transition from the hood base right down to the cuff, a Raglan cut is perfect. Furthermore, our Zipped Hoodie and Jackets also feature a Raglan cut (so if you already have bought one of these, you’ll know what we mean), and we felt it was important for each of our products to match. 

  • Material - 
The material of the new pullover hoodie is completely different from the previous material. Despite many customers being happy with the previous material, we also heard some feedback regarding the material not being quite what was expected. Whilst we feel it is difficult to solve this, as many people expect cotton hoodies (which is not possible for the type of fully sublimated designs we create), we have completely changed the material to a different type of polyester, which to us at least, feels more like what would be expected from an esports hoodie. We have tried really hard to get this material right. Through months of testing, we found that a lot of other polyester materials used for esports hoodies have issues with elasticity and can, therefore, be difficult to size up or fit correctly. We have tried to ensure that this material will suit more people, and have currently received positive feedback from sample orders, however, we hope to hear some further feedback from our customers as the year goes on. 

  • Fit and length - 
Along with major changes to the material and cut, we have also adapted the fit and length to ensure that it matches more with our other products and will be a comfortable item to wear. This included ensuring a correlation between the size of the cuffs, body length and sleeve length to match our other products, whilst ensuring things like the hood size, etc, were also comfortable. 

We have been busy making multiple samples, tests and asking for feedback in the last few months, and are happy with where this product has ended up. However, we are aware that it is difficult to suit everyone, and therefore we are very open for further feedback. 

Now for some short customer questions:

I already had a pullover hoodie created last year and liked the material and fit, can I keep the old style pullover for my next order?
Of course. We will still keep all old files and be able to produce these as usual upon request.

I already have a pullover design created by Manatee last year, can this be implemented on the new raglan hoodie?
Again, of course. Please tell us when you next order if you would like to move over to the new hoodie. Some changes may be necessary to the files to ensure the design makes sense and looks great, but we will keep you notified with any changes. 

If we have missed anything, our staff are always more than happy to help answer any questions, and we hope that you enjoy the new product! Also, don’t forget that our Zipped Hoodies have also been increasingly popular over the last few months - especially with teams wanting to show off sponsors on jerseys underneath - so these products are also always recommended by us! :D