Long sleeve jerseys are something we absolutely love, but don't advertise all that often. However, we've made a cool improvement to improve the look and comfort of our long sleeve jerseys, so we thought we'd also use this time as a reminder - we also produce long sleeve jerseys! 

Our previous long sleeve jerseys included a sewn hem on the sleeve cuff, which whilst was suitable for the purpose, we felt that we could make this product comfier and look better by adding a soft rib cuff to our long sleeve jerseys. 

Whilst there are various options to use sublimation printed rib cuffs (by sublimation, we mean fully printed in the same way as the rest of your jerseys), we decided against these options. The main reasons we decided against sublimation printed rib cuffs is for comfort (they are often a bit rough and hard, and can become non-stretchable when printed) and looks (the printing is not always 100% due to the levels of material in rib).

With the addition of a soft rib cuff, we feel our long sleeve jerseys are now absolutely perfect to wear throughout the colder season, and they work to keep the warmth inside the sleeve. 

However, as we have decided against sublimation printed rib, our soft rib cuff will only be available in either white or black colours at this time, and of course will not be made of the same material as the rest of the jersey, so a slight shade variation can occur between the cuff and sleeve. Although this may seem limiting, we understand that the majority of our customers prefer a simple cuff and sleeve colour, in particular black, so we are sure we can find an option to suit you. 

Please let us know on your next order of long sleeve jerseys whether you would prefer our new soft rib cuff, or our previous sewn hem cuff.