We are often asked 'is it okay for us to produce our jerseys and apparel at Manatee even if we're not an esports team?' To answer this question simply, YES! 

Our jerseys and other apparel products are incredibly comfortable and appropriate to wear in a number of situations - whether that be for playing sports, representing a brand, or of course being part of an esports team. Wearing a custom piece of apparel is a great way to show off your favourite team or brand, and allows you to become a part of something bigger and better. 

Whether you're the manager of a soccer team, a member of a swimming club, or the CEO of an IT company, we're more than happy to talk you through the selection of products we can provide. Whilst we have a great product catalogue to get you started, there are also a number of apparel and merchandise products that we can offer you depending on your needs and quantities that may not be readily advertised - so feel free to contact us to explore your options.