Over the course of this year, we will be giving away 10 Manatee goodie boxes, each with a minimum value of 75€, to customers who have spent over 200€ in bulk on apparel and merchandise within the month! Alongside our partners, SteelSeries and MSI, we have included a variety of different goodies and merchandise gadgets in every box, to be received by one lucky customer at the end of each month. Every box is sure to be varied and exciting - with possibilities to receive exclusive mousepads, t-shirts, snapbacks, limited MSI ‘Lucky’ Dragon merchandise, and even higher value goodies! 

From January to September, we will be giving away 1 goodie box at the end of each month, and for the months of October to December we will be collecting further items for an even bigger value Holiday Edition to be given away at the end of December! 

The winner will be picked using a random name picker, and contacted at the beginning of the next month (for example the winner of our January goodie box will be contacted at the beginning of February), to provide us with shipping information if this differs from their order details. Please note, we will continue to maintain contact with the main contact person who has placed the order within that month, although they can then decide where to ship the goodie box. We aim to ship each goodie box to customers no later than the 10th of the next month, after receiving the necessary details from the winner. 

General Terms & Procedure: 

  • For every 200€ spent on apparel and merchandise at Manatee within a calendar month, the name of the customer will be added to the random name picker at the end of each month to complete the prize draw. If you have placed an order for 600€ throughout February, this would allow for 3 entries into the February goodie box prize draw. Generally, the number of entries you have received will be communicated to you when you have placed your apparel order.

  • The goodie boxes will contain different items each month, with some repeated items. The common possibilities will include various merchandise items, such as currently SnapBacks, Beanies, Tshirts, Keyrings, Mousepads, Sunglasses, Wristbands, Stickers, Lanyards. Further items may be added to different boxes throughout the year, which will be advertised across the Manatee social media platforms throughout that particular month if necessary. Although it is not always possible for us to include one item per product ordered/person, we will do our best to provide a range of sharable items. 

  • If you are randomly selected as a winner, to receive the goodie box you will need to provide us with address and contact details (inc. phone number & real name), in order for the delivery of the package to take place. In the case that you do not want to be entered into the goodie box draw, it is possible to make this clear to us via your chosen communication platform when placing your order.

  • Once the customer has placed an order for 200€ in a calendar month, no further action is required to be involved - it is not necessary to share, follow, etc on any platform. There are no extra charges involved to be entered into the prize draw. Any shipping costs are handled by Manatee. Customers are entered based on purchasing Manatee product or service at normal costs, with no increased price to enter the prize draw. 

  • This goodie box prize draw is not endorsed, sponsored or administered by Facebook, nor is Facebook associated with the draw. Additionally, Facebook has no responsibility to entrants or participants. This also relates to both Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Note: Whilst we also plan to hold further giveaways within the year where no minimum purchase is required to be entered, these goodie boxes aim to reward and show our appreciation towards customers of Manatee. If you’re an individual who has spent less than 200€, or your team does not need to purchase jerseys or other products this year, stay tuned for our other possible giveaways! :)

  • You do not purchase a ticket to enter, simply you purchase goods or services if you would have done within that month at Manatee anyhow, and with that you will receive an entry to the draw for every 200€ purchased. There is no extra fee to be entered into the random draw, and we do not wish for people to unnecessarily purchase items.